soccer darts holiday parks

13ft high, 16ft wide, Dartboard

13ft high, 16ft wide, Dartboard

17ft high, 19ft wide, Dartboard

17ft high, 19ft wide, Dartboard


We love to visit holiday parks as there are loads of great people from all ages Men, Women & Children

you can have the choice of our 13ft or 17ft Soccer Dartboards

or have the both together to maximize the fun


we are offering a FREE booking as we charge the holiday makers or holiday home owners

at our great rates!

(minimum attendance applies)

customers pay

     £1.50 for 3 Darts/Shots,    £4 for 9 Darts/Shots,    £20 unlimited Darts/Shots        

(Max 9 Darts/Shots per go)  

Soccer Darts Challenge £5  player will be videoed to add to our League Table

£10, 101 Darts Game    (2 Player Game)



You can hire us at an agreed rate which gives you the option to charge or let play for free

With dates and times to suit you


All options come with two reps from TheOrganizer, full DJ set up with a 2K sound system and game sheets for a number of games to play through out our hire

We are a London based company, any bookings further the 20 miles outside the M25 will be subject to feul charges

Contact TheOrganizer for more details